Cinematic and television translations


Film is international.

More and more production work across country and language borders. Not only is the plot located in various countries and language territories, or your documentary is shot in different parts of the world, but the production is financed from different countries as well. And everybody wants to know what it is all about. In their own language.

We translate your script, your exposé, your treatment, and your brochures.

Film projects are demanding. The time pressure is overwhelming, dialogue translations require special expertise and experience with spoken language as it functions very differently than written language. Through years of work in this area, we offer the necessary expertise.

We translate your subtitles and your texts for the voice-over sessions.

The post-production phase often produces demand for language services that was not obvious during production: what do the foreign persons actually say in their interviews? How can we cut here? We are happy to help with subtitles or even with in-studio consulting.