For the Berlinale Film Festival, the synopses written in English and Italian of films presented in two sections need to be translated into German and English respectively. Bochert Translations translated a total of 46 such synopses.

Documentary by Ghostcat

Ghostcat Medienproduktion shot material in Sweden. We must not tell what about, though: business secret. In the editing room, the foreign language material needs to be edited, and therefore, it must be understood what’s being said.

Bochert Translations translated the spoken Swedish text into German written text.

Raue Welten

Vincent TV produce a series of travel documentaries about Montenegro, Croatia, Algeria, and other places. The challenge in postproduction is to provide laborious transcriptions and translations for the editing fast.

The translations and transcriptions of the raw material from Montenegrin, French, Arabic, and Tamazight were largely accomplished by Bochert Translations.

Documentary Algeria

With numerous shooting days in the south of Algeria, Vincent Productions moves to risky and complex ground. The material created there needs to be translated from the Berber language Tamazhigt and an Algerian dialect of French into German. Bochert Translation coordinates these translation services.


Rodents, muck-rakers, tusks, horns, tails and beaks – wild animals in Berlin. We translated the documentary BERLIN GANZ WILD into English for DOKfilm (ARTE).

Let me once again thank you and applaud you for this excellent translation.
For our production, this has been a great wrap.

Katrin Kettner, production


Adn once again, In Good Company have developed a wonderful script together wiht Ross Dungan. In DISPLACED, an adaptation of Stephan Abarbanell’s novel MORGENLAND, it is in 1946 when Lilya travels from the dusty streets of Jerusalem to post-war Berlin:

Lilya, a young activist fighting for an independent state of Israel, is sent to Germany to find out about the whereabouts of a missing Jewish scientist. Thus begins a risky journey for the sensitive and strong-headed Lilya which not only brings to light political implications that would put pressure on the British rule in Palestine; while getting closer to the truth, she starts questioning her own mission …


THE DELEGATION – film script

The Delegation | Image: In Good Company

In Good Company are producing a new feature film telling the story of a delegation of Israeli youths visiting KZ and extermination camp memorial sites.

The script translation from English to German was accomplished by Bochert Translations.