Ruhr Ding: Schlaf

Urbane Künste Ruhr present their wonderful exhibition Ruhr Ding: Schlaf to the cities of Mülheim, Essen, Witten, and Gelsenkirchen. In this framework, they also show the film Sisterflats, which deals with the position of women in the Kosovar society. Find more information about the exhibition here.

The German subtitles for the film have been translated and implemented by Bochert Translations.

Afghanistan at the Linden Museum

The Linden Museum für Ethnology in Stuttgart composed a paper for its exhibition on Afghanistan.

The French and English translation of this paper were completed by Bochert Translations.


For the Berlinale Film Festival, the synopses written in English and Italian of films presented in two sections need to be translated into German and English respectively. Bochert Translations translated a total of 46 such synopses.

Documentary by Ghostcat

Ghostcat Medienproduktion shot material in Sweden. We must not tell what about, though: business secret. In the editing room, the foreign language material needs to be edited, and therefore, it must be understood what’s being said.

Bochert Translations translated the spoken Swedish text into German written text.


In July, the Kammerspiele Munich present the immersive, six-hour performance RESPUBLICA byŁukasz Twarkowski and the ensemble. The production is based on an exciting social experiment.

The translation of the German supertitles for this show was accomplished by Bochert Translations in collaboration with Arneta Aley (Lithuanian titles) and Sprachspiel.

CASCADE by Jim Grimsley

In Jim Grimsley’s new play, a daughter and her father travel north from the South of the U.S. in the near future to escape from the uninhabilitable hot regions there. On their way, they meet another partial family and finally decide to travel on together into an uncertain future.

In a dense and threatening atmosphere, the play approaches the migration aspect of the climate catastrophy, postulating that we will only be able to master this troublesome journey with the help of trust and solidarity.

The German translation from English was accomplished by Henning Bochert.